Green Forage Mower T635/3

Green Forage Mower T635/3 is a machine attached to a tractor to its lower transport fastener and designed for single collecting low stalk plants with the aim of feeding. Inside the mower a chain rotary has been installed thanks to which while collecting the green forage not a single one is mechanically damaged, it stays fresh after unloading and is excellent for the cattle. The Green Forage Mower is a combination of lawn-mower and self-loading wagon. Controlling the Mower is possible through 4-section hydraulic distributor installed to a regulated support. The machine in version of a condensed rotary is used for collecting herb plants and vegetable green parts.

The distributor enables independent controlling of:

  • mower height
  • beam setting between in transport or under work
  • switching floor transporter shift on or off
  • switching mower clutch on or off
  • tailgate opening or closing

Technical Specifications:

length  850 cm
width  230 cm
working width  185 cm
working height  275 cm
transport height  275 cm
box capacity  24m3
power demand over  60 kW
machine weight  3160 kg
load capacity  8000 kg
tires  19/45-17
WOM drive  540 obr/min
top clevis with pressure  min 1300 kg
tractor hydraulic outs  2
oil pump efficiency  40l/min
hydraulic breaks installation