Mixer wagon Fider


Width 230 cm 230 cm 230 cm
Total height 242 cm 272 cm 294 cm
Capacity 8 m3 10 m3 12 m3
Power demand od 30kW 40kW 50kW
Tires 10.5/75-15.3 10.5/75-15.3 10.5/75-15.3
Drive WOM 540 obr/min 540 obr/min 540 obr/min
Number of hydraulic outputs 2 2 2
Min. Flow oil pump 25l/min 25l/min 40l/min

The standard equipment of the machine:

Tires 10.0/75-15.3
Electronic weighing system based on four sensors
Two-Speed Transmission 1:1/1,94:1
The transverse conveyor belt-based floor PCV
Shaft power relay
Inspection platform
Mechanical adjustable support leg
The retaining ring from falling feed
Knife assist rash
Wedges under the wheels
Knives sharpened screw laser (hardened)

We can make the machine according to individual needs !!!

* The company reserves the right to change specifications, type and dimensions without notice.